Client Lead Gen Apps
Client lead gen apps

Lead Generation Potential of the App

Virtually all potential customers use mobile, especially the highly sought Gen Xs and Millennials. Nearly everything they do is driven by one App or another.

Once downloaded by your customer, our lead gen App focuses on attracting Gen Xs and Millennials by giving them a tool for use in assessing their financial future. In many cases, that view is intimidating.

Built into the application is a referral prompt linking them to your financial advisors. This function pushes leads to your advisors, who can focus on converting those hot leads into customers.

So now, instead of you reaching out to attract new customers and cross-sell existing customers, they are reaching out to you and asking for assistance.

Created by a Financial Planning Expert

Larry Gitman, PhD, the creator of the App, is an Emeritus Professor of Finance at San Diego State University, best-selling author of many financial textbooks, including Personal Financial Planning and Fundamentals of Investing (both in double-digit editions), as well as many scholarly articles.

After a lifetime of practicing everything he preaches, he has recently developed this App to help individuals assess the likelihood that they will achieve their life goals. And, more importantly, give them insight into how to live comfortably in a rapidly changing and uncertain future.

Larry has taken what appears to most as a moving target and fixed it on the wall. With this innovative App, individuals can now aim for and hit their financial goals in a realistic and well-conceived manner.